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Our highest quality Whole Boer Goat Share!  No hormones or antibiotics ever!  The most tender and delicious available anywhere!  All vacuum sealed for freshness.


What you will get with your Whole Lamb Share:

6.0 lbs Loin Chops

6.0 lbs Sirloin Chops

6.0 lbs Goat Shanks

6.0 lbs Leg of Goat

8.0 lbs Goat Stew

8.0 lbs Ground Goat

SM - Whole Boer Goat Share

SKU: 19885
  • Includes $300 deposit and $300 required before shipping or pickup.  4-8 week delivery depending on date of order.   Feel free to contact us directly to personalize your needs.  Thank you for supporting our Farmers!

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