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Starting in the early 1900’s the Turpen family raised beef cattle, sheep, and hogs on their family farm in Nancy, Kentucky.  Great Uncle Bam Turpen started a very small scale meat cutting business in Nancy to provide a safe and clean location to process local livestock for the community.  Grandfather Howard Turpen (pictured below, left) and his wife Elizabeth took over and grew the business significantly 1n the early 1960’s and created Turpen’s Whole Hog Sausage, shipping regionally to 4 states, supplied many restaurants, and provided processing services to thousands of farm families while in operation.

In 2016 Kyle Turpen (grandson) and  his “Father-in-Law” / business partner David Corbin started Summit Meats and Meat Processing where they increased the scale, to be able to handle higher volumes and provide the safest and cleanest cutting environment possible.  David’s vast experience in meat cutting enables them to provide processing services and meat cuts that are second to none.  Now serving over 5000 farm families per year and providing quality meats for over 10,000 families per year!

Butcher Hanging Beef


Our mission will always be to provide the highest quality meats available anywhere in the world, provide the cleanest and safest processing services to farmers and farm families, and to learn and grow daily in what we do and what we provide!

We are so thankful for each and every customer and friend and we look forward to serving each existing and new customer in the future!

When you buy from us

We start with the highest quality beef, pork, lamb and goat available.  Each fed a high quality diet of grass and non-gmo grains for a delicious finish.  

You will receive each cut, thoroughly trimmed, portioned and vacuum packaged in our state of the art facility,

Each cut will be labeled and organized so filling your freezer is simple and efficient and with proper care the cuts can last up to 3 years and remain fresh.

We offer varying quantities of 1/4, 1/2 and whole shares and can fit many budgets and space requirements.

All of this at a significant saving over store bought meats and an unbelievable savings over going out to eat!

Meat Variety
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