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Our Premium American Wagyu shares, top quality and aged to perfection!  This is for our 1/2 Wagyu package!  The 1/2 Wagyu beef package will fill your freezer with the most delicious, tender cuts you have ever tasted!  Taste the difference of well fed farm fresh beef, and the amazing marbling and taste of Wagyu!  Very limited shares available.


What you get on average:

Roasts (3-4 lbs each)

Shoulder roast- 3 Packages

Chuck roast- 6 packages

Sirloin tip roast- 3 packages

Rump roast- 1 package

Eye of round roast 2 packages

Steaks (standard is 3/4" thick, 2 per package)

NY strip - 10-12 steaks

Filet Mignon - 10-12 steaks

Rib eye - 12-16 steaks

Flank steak - 2 steaks

Skirt Steak - 1 Steak

Round steak (on a quarter, half are tenderized) 8-10 steaks

Sirloin - 6-8 steaks

Ground beef:

You will receive approximately 70 lbs of ground beef. The beef is packaged in 1 lb vacuum sealed packages. 


Beef Brisket - whole - 12-14 lbs.

Stew meat- 4 - 1 lb packages

Short ribs- 3 packages (3-4 in a package)

Soup bones- 5 packages

Beef Liver - 6 packages

Beef Bones (on request)

Beef Fat (on request)


A half share will take up approximately 9 cubic feet of space in your freezer!


American Wagyu - 1/2 Beef Share

SKU: 19120
  • $1300 deposit, $1300 due when ready to ship or pickup.  Very limited shares availabe.  Full Payment Required before shipping or pickup.  Ready for delivery fall 2024.   Feel free to contact us directly to personalize your needs.  Thank you for supporting our Farmers!

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