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Farm Fresh Black Angus Beef, top quality and aged to perfection!  This is for our 1/2 beef package!  The 1/2 beef package will fill your freezer with the most delicious, tender cuts you have ever tasted!  Taste the difference of well fed farm fresh beef!


What you get on average:

Roasts (3-4 lbs each)

Shoulder roast- 3 Packages

Chuck roast- 6 packages

Sirloin tip roast- 3 packages

Rump roast- 1 package

Eye of round roast 2 packages

Steaks (standard is 3/4" thick, 2 per package)

NY strip - 10-12 steaks

Filet Mignon - 10-12 steaks

Rib eye - 12-16 steaks

Flank steak - 2 steaks

Skirt Steak - 1 Steak

Round steak (on a quarter, half are tenderized) 8-10 steaks

Sirloin - 6-8 steaks

Ground beef:

You will receive approximately 70 lbs of ground beef. The beef is packaged in 1 lb vacuum sealed packages. 


Beef Brisket - whole - 12-14 lbs.

Stew meat- 4 - 1 lb packages

Short ribs- 3 packages (3-4 in a package)

Soup bones- 5 packages

Beef Liver - 6 packages

Beef Bones (on request)

Beef Fat (on request)


A half share will take up approximately 9 cubic feet of space in your freezer!


SM - 1/2 Beef Package - No Hormone No Antibiotic Ever

SKU: 18866
  • $1000 deposit, $1000 due when ready to ship or pickup.  Full Payment Required before shipping or pickup.  4-8 week delivery depending on date of order.   Feel free to contact us directly to personalize your needs.  Thank you for supporting our Farmers!

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