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Address: 244 Ware Rd. Science Hill, Ky 42553

Email: kyle@summitmeat.com

Phone: 1.606.423.9369


Fed and Raised





KY Cattlemans

our mission



At a time when lab-created foods, GMO's, preservatives, nitrates, and antibiotics are all staples in mass food production, it is hard to know what we are putting in our bodies at each meal.  It is our mission and goal to offer clean meats, including antibiotic free meats and products that you can enjoy without the fear of all the unhealthy consequences.

We handle our processing in the same fashion by educating producers and families on the proper ways of raising animals to ensure a healthy result.

We make sure that every animal we raise or purchase is treated humanely in every aspect of its life from birth.  At our facility we follow the "Temple Grandin" philosophies of animal handling and treatment.  We do not work with farmers who mistreat their animals in any way.  This is an aspect of our process that we will not waiver from.

Our Animals 

Our People

To us, people are the most important aspect of our success.  From second to none, quality, processing and butchering to our unwaivering customer service, we take a family approach to business and want our customers to be part of our family as well.  We follow the principles of "People over Profit" and we believe in providing "careers" for employees and not just "jobs".