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Address: 244 Ware Rd. Science Hill, Ky 42553

Email: kyle@summitmeat.com

Phone: 1.606.423.9369


Fed and Raised





KY Cattlemans


along with being a 6th generation farmer myself, My FAMILY HAS MEAT PROCESSING LINEAGE THAT CAN BE TRACED BACK TO THE LATE 1800'S, MY grandfather PICKED UP THE TRADE OF processing quality meats in the 1960's and passeD his passion ON to me.  It is something that we have picked up and WE will continue raising, providing, AND PROCESSING those quality meats for generations to come.  We focus on family, sustainability, humanely raised animals, and healthy meats for everyones nutrition and enjoyment.

What we Believe 

By partnering with local farm families we can offer the freshest, highest quality, meats with direct traceability back to its home farm.  Our goal is to offer 100% quality in custom processing as well as USDA inspected meats to our local and surrounding areas.  We operate with customer service and satisfaction as our number one priority and will not settle for less.  We will take the time to find out what the customer needs and wants and make sure we deliver exactly that.


The focus we place on excellent customer service and satisfaction is what sets us apart from other processors.  If issues ever arise with our products, no matter how minor, we want to know and you have our promise that it will be addressed immediately.  

Honesty and integrity are two principals that we have formed our everyday operation around.  We will process, package, and deliver the exact amount of meat that a customer is due and no one will recieve any "other" individual's meat.  We ensure this happens with our attention to detail and our thorough carcass documentation system.

Our full line of local farm-fresh meats is the best of the best.  We only purchase animals that are of the highest quality for our retail cuts.  We can take an order and have everything ready for delivery or quick shipping.  

Why Local

  • It supports LOCAL farm families

  • It is REAL food

  • It has FULLER flavors

  • It keeps MORE Nutrients

  • It BOOSTS local economy

  • It is a SAFER food supply

  • Is it important to know where your food comes from?   - We think it is