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Address: 244 Ware Rd. Science Hill, Ky 42553

Email: kyle@summitmeat.com

Phone: 1.606.423.9369


Fed and Raised





KY Cattlemans


With over 1000 deer processed for the 2018-2019 deer season we have become Kentucky's premiere deer processor.  With customers coming from as far as Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Southern Tennessee s well as all over Kentucky we have an incredible customer base!  Some of our services include:

- #1 Customer service! - You get what you pay for and we process every deer 1 at a time!  You always get YOUR meat back, not someone else's!

- Award winning Summer Sausage and Venison Jerky!  Absolutely delicious Summer Sausage smoked 10 hours over hardwood with options for multiple cheeses and jalapeno seasonings!  Our Jerky is second to none!  It is marinated in our blends of seasonings and spices then smoked to a perfect tenderness and consistency!  No leathery, tasteless jerky like you may get other places!

- Our Big Buck Contest!  In 2018 we gave away over $5000 in prizes including a brand new S&W M&P .308 with MSRP of over $2300!!!!  And to win prizes you don't have to have a big buck!  You get entered into the contest with any deer we process for you!  

- Professional Caping for mounts! We can cape your deer to take straight to the taxidermist of your choice with no rips, tears, or errors!

- Reasonable Pricing! Our processing costs start at $100 which includes skinning, cleaning and sanitizing, de-boning, cutting steaks, backstraps, roasts, grinding burger, etc., with additional charges for Summer Sausage, Snack Sticks, Jerky, Breakfast Sausage, and more!


We will be doing our Big Buck Contest again for 2019! Follow our Facebook page for details and Prizes! In 2018 we gave out over $5000 worth prizes!! Here is our winning buck for 2018 with a 16 point buck measuring just under 180" taken by Jeremy Burton in Pulaski County, Ky!!